Endodontics a subset of dentistry is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the dental pulp and surrounding tissues in dentistry. Dental pulp is soft tissue located in the centre of the tooth that contains the nerve, blood and lymphatic vessels, and connective tissue. Endodontics is primarily concerned with the removal of diseased dental pulp and its replacement with filling material, a procedure known as root canal treatment. A dental operation known as root canal treatment is performed to treat infected tooth pulp that would need to be extracted. When the dental pulp is irreparably harmed, root canal treatment is necessary. Before applying post-retained crowns and overdentures to teeth with questionable pulpal states, root canal treatment can be performed. Not all pulp infections or inflammations require root canal treatment to provide pain relief. Clinical tests and radiographic analyses are performed prior to root canal treatment to diagnose and formulate a treatment strategy.


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